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The Biggest Mud in History (About Rush Limbaugh)

The Biggest Mud in History

About Rush Limbaugh

A finger and a pudgy head
On billboard on the road -
It says on it, "Reality Check"
And on the radio

Insults, abuse and poison
And malice of all kinds:
Hideousness, lies and noise and
Attack on people's minds.

He said that we were mindless,
He said that we were fools,
with his own blindness
He went and made his rules:

To bully and to bludgeon all
And blame it all on us:
This big and strong Republican
This man of strength and class.

The planet's overheating,
The hurricanes erupt,
And there he sits, conceited
And utterly corrupt:

Once many things could have been done -
They said it was not real!
And now it's coming all undone
While they are standing still -

Saying it's man, saying it's God
But truth is harder won:
They caused it - hurricanes and floods -
Man? Yes, but only some.

You speak now for morality?
The debt still grows and grows.
You speak now for reality?
It clearly does not show:

You said that nothing people do
Can change environment -
How many storms till it gets through
Your thick and pudgy head -

Earth, hottest in a thousand years
And hotter every year!
It's catching with you, unawares
Reality - you hear?

The commonsense you deified
Is nothing but a farce:
The prejudices reified
In world in which you are:

Are ways of one society
To truth a valid guide?
Indeed to its entirety -
Indeed to all mankind?

Are lies you spin reality?
Or are they merely webs?
Whose essence - whose totality -
Are only perhaps

The beam within one set of eyes -
The shortage of one view -
And from it, spins a web of lies
To make it seem so true -

Till actual reality
Hits you from the left field -
And then your view's totality
Is shattered and then killed?

Tell me how it is right and fine
To bloat and to subsume
To have no thought for yet to come
And poison to exhume

Tell me, Mr. Reality,
How people can't affect
The world's and nature's quality
When warming is a fact!

The planet's overheating,
The debt still grows and grows,
The groupthink is defeated,
And here you say you know

The true way for America?
The true way for the Earth?
Come on and show some character:
You caused it, now come forth!

Say to the thousands dead in storms
That their loss is not real,
Say to the millions killed and torn
That you know how they feel,

Say to mankind's entirety
As it fights all these ills
That you speak for reality
And that you're moral still!

The planet's overheating,
The debt still grows and grows,
Women are killed and beaten,
The harm gets worse and worse,

And it is not a mystery
Who caused this frightful state:
The biggest mud in history -
Rush Limbaugh and his mates!

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