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January Open Mic at Bossa–2015 kickoff

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

We kicked off 2015 in poetic style with many friends stopping by Bossa in January. If the night showed me anything, it’s that it’ll be a great year for poetry. So much going on in the world, so much to share. Here are some highlights:

Shahid reminded us that we fought a world war to establish human rights. America wants more war, and it shows.

Catherine’s love guzzle was profound: though you’re still alive, you seem to live to die.

Luis asked what sponge can properly clean with dirty water? Love is the weapon that steadies the infections.

Jess is always coming to say Down to Oppression, yo! Holy crap, there’s no more bullshit!

Catherine’s metro ride captured teabags tingling heavy eyelids next stop Judiciary Square.

Emmanuel warned that power concedes nothing if you ask it for favors.

Gowri represented her state in DC as a spelling nerd. She is from JFK airport…red chilis dripping oil…from an island to an empire.

Luis talked about the superficial age we’re living in—raising children as if their innocence is limitless.

Wilfred introduced us to a new idea…the H Police. The Hug Police. Put those tickets to good use and get a hug before you blow your fuse.

Emmanual talked about his [and men’s] link to women: I am the shell of a woman. Since I was born I was under the spell of a woman, because I gave hell to a woman. What happens to a dream deferred is exactly what happens to a queen deferred.

Elizabeth blew in and gave us a moment of her mind: Life passes through the death, through the breath. Breath is divine, so all life matters. I won’t breathe until you come back around and rise with a new life and invigoration.

Gowri also gave us this: Despite the rules about how we’re supposed to talk, poetry gives us an excuse to break them and call it…being creative.

Come out to Bossa and be creative with us! We’ll see you there next month on Tuesday, February 10th.

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