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November Open Mic

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Thanks to all who came out in November! We had a great time as always at Bossa. Catherine B. Krause, who found us in October, became our impromptu feature. You can see more of her work at

Here are the open mic highlights…

Luis focused, got down in the lotus, because clarity’s a rarity but lessons are profound.

Jess spoke of the misaligned timing of the sexes’ gonad development, and its impact on life choices. (in rhyme, of course)

Catherine gave us a sampling from three of her books. The latest is called Ignore This Book.
Some tasty nuggets:
– From Classifieds…Journal for sale belonged to our grandfather, he bought it before the war, never wrote in it.
– From The Leopard Slug…I’m on the swing set, pulling on the chains trying to swing high enough to flip over the bar, but I get scared and jump, and there’s a reason, ’cause nothing good can come once you lose that instinct.
– From Ignore This Book,”The Herd”…the giant erect cocks of the elephants around the watering hole; the woman who talks to the planes–the pills, the pills, the pills.
– And…My muse, who lives in coffee, may your name be holy, your creativity come and your will be done in my poetry as it was in Berryman’s.

Shahid asked us to remember who we are in our own skin rinds. He reminded us that our masters will be hobnobbing in the Hamptons, and here’s the crazy part…we thank them when we get a raise. We don’t have to settle for that shit.

Sarah practiced radical forgiveness: I blame myself for… I blame you for… (and love and understanding was felt by all)

Luis told us integrity is a necessity in this life rife with inequity and what we seep our children soak up like a sponge. Take only what you need. You don’t need it, let it be.

There’s more to share and hear at the next poetry open mic. We’re at Bossa, 2463 18th St. NW DC, every 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7-9 PM. See you on December 9th!

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