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April Open Mic at Bossa

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

What a night we had at Bossa in April! New people and GPI vets came out of the woodwork to add their unique perspectives and vibes to the night. Special shout out to Ilya from Austrailia, who made it a point to stop by during his travels. The GPI open mic is an event that you can leave for a few years, come back to, and still feel at home. Hope to see you at Bossa on the second Tuesday in May!

April highlights…

Ilya rhymed twinkle twinkle little soul, be my journey, be my goal; and some go play with the thunder or linger with the sea, or cry or laugh or flutter or live under a tree.
What then is my pathway?

Diana read a poem about her dad, the soft old smith–that’s who I am.
Diana, founding editor of

Jaday told us to soak in the good vibrations you are getting and understand you can learn everything. You’re looking to the sky instead of inner wealth. Look within yourself–there you will find the help.

Hawah played his funky dual-toned flute and was born to stand on this stage, on this little blue green marble floating among the stars. When before these bones and these skins trapped by spirit, when before all this began, I was free.

Denise, from a small island in Alaska where the permafrost is melting away, spoke of her village surrounded by an angry ocean and its ice fading slow, in pain; she will make sure her grandpa’s soul is not tumbling, pummeled, searching for a home.

Shahid asked what do you work toward in this world? Imagine how it could be.

Damien is back on the market, damaged but harder to manage, and starting to realize that love is the ideal state. Time for him to inspire somebody to something higher.

Jessica brought the musical messica of rhythms and rhymes.

Darius showed us the river people of the desert…I carried myself to places alone, I run as deep as though I could be swept off to another time. He counts his life not in 365 segments but by feeling how many times his heart grew in a messed up world.

Tores said…Let me free you. This is out of control. Can you feel it? You’re in the right place. Free our minds. Now’s the time.

Moon flowed anarchy on your evening commute, rules only made to broken efficiently. In a backward M.C. Escher, you’re a spin of Kandinsky. Become an alchemist of extension.

And become your own poet at the next GPI open mic at Bossa, every second Tuesday of the month. – Jessica

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