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Flowin’ in September

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

What a great line up we had at September’s open mic. Vets Damian, Gowri, Rob, Lyndi, and Jessica were in the house, with special appearances by Radio Rahim and LA-based poet Mark. The night capped off with a five-person cypher, from which inspiration and silliness flowed. Highlights:

Damian fell in love but he shouldn’t have fallin’ in love but he shoulda.

Gowri remembered…we hold hands when we leap from a building, whether or not we can fly.

Jessica’s ambition makes a mission of her wishin’ for distinction.

Rob made musings without moorings…in terms of the space race, the early bird gets the worm hole.

Mark was just trying to figure out why he moves, struggling to live up to his own richter scale.

Radio Rahim, the creator, really needs a savior, but he’s trying to create from within; if you cut off his limbs, he’d let the blood out and the poetry [be] an elixir.

Damian’s a fella that’s the future of his history.
Jessica is calling out no more war.
Rob got stood up, hurt so bad he had to sit down.
Mark’s not normal, he’s got a hybrid soul.
Lyndi was straight up free-stylin’.
Radio Rahim’s soul was created before his body existed.
Gowri says speak truth, open up, say ahhhh.

What will we be saying next month? Well, you’ll just have to come out to hear and share.

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