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September’s open mic

Friday, September 30th, 2011

It was an intimate night of poetry and politics at Bossa during September’s open mic. Not only were some veteran poets hot to trot, but the audience got in the spirit too, sparking a lively debate about current events. Here are some highlights for inspiration…

Damian dreams in sepia and can’t think of one single thing he can bitch about.

Jessica was so sick of the everyday grind and the press, but she hopes we’re going to get it.

Jeff’s got leeches in his peaches, and the government’s his dog. He also invites you to protest against a white supremacist club with him on November 4th and 5th in Baltimore.

Lisa is a saint, an angel, a magician with tendonitis, and will be having a photography show at The Fridge in DC starting October 15th.

Lacy sang,
Where did all the taxes go
Long time passing
Where did all the taxes go
Long time ago
To CEO bank accounts one by one
When will they ever learn
I pay my money come tax time
But corporations don’t often pay a dime…

Damian’s perfectly decent but he ain’t real good.

Sheila returned after a long hiatus and retold an act by those who hate us: the halls were so quiet and when anything was said it was, the twins are dead.

The people and the poetry just keep coming out, making each month at the GPI a tasty treat. Hope to see you there next month!

– Jessica

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