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July Open Mic/Birthday Bash!

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

The house and list were packed in July for the monthly GPI open mic and Laurie Blair’s birthday bash! Tons of friends old and new came out to wish her a happy b-day and share there words, rhythms, and rhymes with the whole crowd. Laurie was our special guest feature to boot. Here are some highlights:

Cheers and love and well wishes were spread throughout the evening for Laurie, the beautiful, kind, loving, lyrical, fun, fantastic girl we are all better for knowing. It was WONDERFUL to have her presence at the GPI open mic. She brings light with her wherever she goes.

Gowri read OPP to say everyday do something that won’t compute, ask the questions that have no answers.

Damian, always rabble rousing, loves his demons and doesn’t need no exorcism; but he felt pleasant, approachable, conversational.

Jess was hatin’ on the press.

Ted hopes that one day there will be justice for Guantanamo–shut down the lies!

Emily and are brother are one, and she kept imaging him dead.

Carmen read her soul’s scroll and danced with her fear in unison, because we are our salvation.

Jeff was there to say what’s up to Laurie B and give us his recipe for bitches brew.

Enrique stopped by after being away for far too long and read some OPP.

Stephanie warned of junk food in disguise.

Sean told us that heros are wanted; you must answer the call, do not let humanity fall.

…is now awake, as her partner was here all along closer than next to her.
…said the world is consuming and needs an explosion of love.
…knows an age is collapsing, collapsing Aquarius–slow down so wisdom can catch up with technology.
…asked, are you amplifying your creativity? Because the MFA is the next MBA.

Chris and Lindi made announcements–oh those noble public servants.

Elizabeth said we can begin by going outside, talking; then she was exploded by a guy with a string of flowers on his wang.

Jonathon asked war, huh!, good god y’all, what is it good for? Absolute petroleum.

Margo gave her ode to om, with her eyes focused unflinchingly on tomorrow.

Ted shared his rendition of bombs over Baghdad.

Xavier and his friend ripped it up on cajon, pan flute, and guitar, giving us head nodding/foot stomping rhythms to bounce to.

And the night went on and on. Shiek Hamala and his band blew it out later that night and most people stuck around after the open mic to toast Laurie and blow up the dance floor. Fun was had by all. Thanks for coming out!

See you in August!

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