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Guerrilla artists target Target

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Another great GPI!

Friday, August 13th, 2010

We had a good ol’ time this past week on Tuesday 8/10 at Bossa! Shahid funked up our civil rights, sung his matriotic devotion, and issued a warrant for Dick Cheney. Jeff asked us “can he kick it?”–yes he did–and shared his recipe for bitches brew. Erika invoked her right writer, cleaned out the clutter, and spoke her heart flutters. Damian channeled Lincoln Perry, then used his genius to smack down a bully and write the greatest song you ever heard. Katie built her strong house, where she enjoys the space but isn’t afraid to break out. Jessica killed her perfectionist and declared war on oppression. Dea’Junea read her riddle of loving from afar and looking forward. Jonathon, fresh off a national poetry competition, solved no problems with questions, violence, aggression, and helped us remember we are beautiful, we are valuable, we are precious, we are great. David gave us some after hours agit prop, makin’ it pop, makin’ it rhyme, makin’ it art out on the porch.

Fourth Stream followed GPI with jazz and some spoken collaboration. We look forward to seeing them again next month!

Thanks to all who shared and all who listened. We’ll see you in September!

August GPI Open Mic at Bossa

Friday, August 6th, 2010

We had a great July with an open mic at Bossa and outdoors in Dupont Circle! Stick Mob joined us as the feature outside, bringing us bluegrass tunes while roasting in the sun and rockin’ to a summer crowd.

Come out again in August to Bossa 7-9 pm on Tuesday, August 10th. The open mic will be followed by the jazz band Fourth Stream. So you can stick around a hang out afterward!

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