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Instead of Hope

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

I look up at the moon
the beautiful moon
and realize
this jewel, is neither rooted nor chained
nor caged, nor restrained

But as I realize this miracle
grinning at this joyful justice
another thought enters my counciousness
breaking up my inner celebration

Should not every being
that witness' it's glorious presence
be filled with this sense of hope
and desire to live life?

 And a six year old girl in Iraq
who runs madly down the ruins
of what once was her street
looking over her shoulder to see her mother
being chased by a tank

Doesn't this six year old girl
look up at the same moon?
With tears in her eyes
instead of my hope?
I wish I could give her mine.

Spinal Code

Monday, January 8th, 2007
Twisting inward like an inverted
we don't speak words, we speak Human.
like rattling mystery from our minds
unraveling your hearts in front of your eyes
we come to undo, be gravity-wise
ex-per-i-ence that most crystal voice
the common thread from within
aligning chakras like words on canvas
Poetry don’t pay the rent!I lament,
Un-human time spent
droning like usb
cords from fingertips
i am cyborg
the code is operating system
on a multi-platform
woman.I won’t dance in your magazines
Too alive for the page
be careful, my beauty is change
It moves.
It’s revolution, girl
You know what that is
Revolution Girl.
I’ve got the kind of beauty that moves
It's the kind of movement that grooves.
let me tell you it's time to infuse
your health and your happiness
your joy and your kindness
your revolutionary
People, we have work to do!!!!!
So Beware of the Babylon
inside your head, comrade,
Attitudinal culture-crosser
indeed holding loosely,
Giving ease to letting go.
Twisting inward like an inverted
we don't speak words, we speak

Do you wonder what keeps me up at night?
What whispers in my ear
Haunting me, it’s clear.

[ ] Laila
Spring 2006

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