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My Loved One (Dedicated to our LGBT veterans, and those in danger abroad — Bless you all)

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

Written by Feminist Fatale

We fought together as one
in the stifling desert heat.
Our hearts beating fast,
we knew we could not accept defeat.

The enemy in the distance
was coming up quick.
He saw us!
The dust from the ground wasn't too thick.

We fired our guns
as best we could.
But they jammed,
and we were shot right where we stood.

The blood was running
all down her thighs.
When she finally got to the hospital,
they said, "I'm sorry, she has no time."

Now as she lay barely breathing
on her old cotton bed,
I hug her tight, and cry.
For my loved one is dead.

The Voices of Children Unheard

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

Written by Feminist Fatale

Have you ever been ashamed of whom you were?

Have you ever been ashamed of what people infer?

"You're just a killer and you've done wrong and you don't belong."

What is happening?

There is war and hate and people have decided that "might makes right."

Death is filling the air and no one is spared from the bombs; an eight-year-old…is gone.

Somehow it must end.

Be my friend, get to know me.

We truly can be one with each other but only if we begin to see that all we do now is fight and smite and care only about "right and wrong."

We cry in our beds and dread that next morning when we will see the dead in their mass graves, our hopes and dreams coming apart at the seams!

Oh why, why?

No one has to die!

For how many more lives will be taken before "might" is no longer a path?

Before we no longer feel the wrath of our sins, and for once love each other?

All we want is peace and to realize that the skies should not be filled with our gunshots and whisperings of plots to kill.

Enough blood has been shed, don't you see?

Propaganda Dreams I

Friday, September 1st, 2006

I’ve been dying for the Propaganda Dream
They put it in motion – I don’t know when
Make me want freedom, and all that.
But something went awry –
The Propaganda Dream can’t hold up to lies.
Oh, the dream was good – Freedom, Equality
With Capital F’s and E’s;
no one gets on your back.
this dream of a voice
in the way of things;
Dreaming of children and their character,
more of the Propaganda Dreams.
They build on each other – one after the other,
So they’ve got a compendium of history.
Forefathers dreamed and dreamed and dreamed
But they all lived the same
as they do now.
Still slave owners,
but less opportunity
For mercy,
what without being right behind the whip.
No, let Nature be this era’s whip –
watch the hunger crack.
Dreaming the Propaganda Dream in a hazy sleep
Makes it all seem possible,
the way things should be
In a Dream.

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