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Young Man’s Story

So begins the story of a young boy born into a cold land

Born to a prostitute and her pimp of a man

Born into a world where no one cares to lend a hand

Yet still innocent because he doesn’t yet understand

Some years have passed… he’s just turned 5

His momma is just happy he’s alive

Because she passed on a “gift”… human immunodeficiency virus

The rest of his life will be a struggle to survive

By the time he reaches grade school his momma is dead

Not from what you think but a shot to the head

You see, one day her baby’s daddy gets upset

‘Cause she can’t work no more… she was his main source of bread

This young boy witnessed his momma’s murder

Acted out by the one person he thought would never hurt her

Now he has no parents because daddy received the chair for her

Grandma took him in with plans to make his life better

So far she’s raising him to be a pretty good kid

Yet there’s a fire inside of him she can’t seem to rid

She sees him doing some of the same things his father did

She prays everyday that he doesn’t get a bid

By the Lord’s will he lived to graduate

Grandma’s so proud… she’s practically elated

Hugs, smiles and photographs are the order of the day

He beat the statistics despite all the haters

Now this young man is at a cross road in his life

He never took the time to decide where to go with his life

And he has a pretty girlfriend… he plans to make her his wife

And he doesn’t want to endure his parents’ lowly strife

He’s tired of learning so he snubs the idea of going to college

And his heart is heavy from all his life’s mileage

Because of this he feels he has enough knowledge

He has street smarts but never considered himself a scholar

His girlfriend hits him with the news one day

A soon to be father with a baby on the way

Now the pressure is building… no more games to play

Got to make that paper… go to find a way

He hit the job market hard but nothing is produced

Day after day… same shirt… same tie

Newspaper in his hand and a copy of the bus route

Nothing to show for it leaves him to wonder why

His wife tries to support him the best way she can

She’s worried about the bills but still lets him be a man

The lights are about to be cut off but she tries to understand

She loves him so she plays her role in their family plan

He’s becoming frustrated as hell at the lack of employment

He does whatever he can to bring in some kind of money

He desires to be paid so they can have some enjoyment

But the reality is… being broke ain’t funny

Waiting for the bus one day he runs into one of his father’s friends

“Boy if you ain’t the splitting image of your father”

“I got a way for you to make some ends”

“They ain’t gonna give you a job so why bother?”

We move now down the line to a year later

He’s now running drugs and he’s good at it

His wife is a little upset but the income is much greater

So she prays everyday he doesn’t fall victim to an automatic

He feels good about the money he’s making

He feels like his life can’t possibly improve

He feels like the world is his for the taking

So he’s oblivious when his enemies make their move

He comes home one day to find people in his house

One man is holding… playing with his daughter

The other has a gun to his spouse

Came home just in time to watch the slaughter

Gun blasts like rough drafts of a solemn poem

He was forced to watch them end the life of his wife

He pleaded with these men to leave his daughter alone

I guess somewhere they had a heart… they left the child after taking his life

I guess karma was apart of his plan

What goes around comes around again

A tragic end for this lost man

And like he, his child was left an orphan

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