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Thoughts of an African-American male living in Southern California

Looking at the world

I ask myself

Why is this stuff happening?

Wars, bombings, suicides

How come every problem people have

They solve with violence

If we look back in time

What do we see?

I'll tell you what we see

We see violence creating more violence

Yes, past presidents may have signed treaties with other countries

But violence still waged on

All that I must say is this

Why can't we learn from the past?

Is it the fact that ignorance is now part of everybody's culture?

I am only one person

Trying to make the world better for my younger siblings

And for everybody else in the world

For I believe that nobody should suffer from anything

But our president thinks differently

Making peolpe suffer because of something

Sometimes it is nothing

But he doesn't matter

Because he isn't the one that is suffering

No this is not a poem written by a hippie

Yes, I might like peace

But that is because I am a pacifist

Just like my uncle, God Bless His Soul

But this is a poem written by a young mixed African-American male

Who would like to see a revolution

A revolution where people of different racial backgrounds can get together

Hand in hand and fight for equality among themselves

All of this racial crime bullsh*t is just a waste of time

Especially out here in Southern California

Where the Blacks and the Mexicans are killing each other for stupid reasons

Reasons like property and who they date

Come on, segregation is fuck*n 1959

But please let us try to make this world better

One place at a time

Sick and tired of people saying that the world can change

but yet nobody is doing anything to change it



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