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This is a Celebration of Love and Beauty of Our History

I read this recently on the GWU Radio Program WRGW – The Voices of Reason hosted by Guerrilla John Baker.   A listener requested a copy – so I figured I'd make available to anyone!   DC Guerrilla are welcome to contact John to appear as his guest!

This is a Celebration of Love and Beauty of Our History

Our history

Whose history?

Our history

Whose our?

History repeats itself

Learn from your mistakes

The past catches up with you

Our history

Shines a bright light into the future

Don’t follow it

Just because it’s easy

Just because it’s accessible

Just because

Our history

Is a little scary

We occupied, we killed for territory

Justified in our fight against the


Sound familiar?

provide guns against the


Our history

Black market trade

Of black skin

In chains

On their backs a country


Billowing columns of smoke

Of steel

Railroads making indentations across

Our history

Screaming it’s crazy

This war

What are we fighting for?

At least 20,000 suicides by

Vietnam Vets

our history

trickle trickle

trickle down


arming the future threats

a hole coated in dust

in ashes

our history

sounding the battle cry


blood in exchange for

how we see it

our history

how will we see it?


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