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The Man We Call President

George W. Bush and his family are the worse kind of people

The image of what happens with too much power

Turned on his citizens

Subjecting us to our darkest hour

We’re not even the first to wear the scars

Their family has had a hand in all the wars

And most of us are too busy worrying about cars and stars

Don’t know what happened and don’t know what’s in store

Those people don’t care about this country

Kindly fed us to the wolves for their feast

He stole the highest seat in this country

To keep us in the belly of the beast

Instilled fear in the hearts of the masses

Training us to remain at bay

Time passed and continually passes

Yet nothing has been done to those responsible for that day

Has no reason to, in fact, they’re the closest of friends

They have been for a long time

The Bin Ladins own 7% of our land

To leave on 9/11 they were the first in line

Warmongers, every single one of them

Snatching souls to obtain their goals

Abu Ghraib sounds like Auschwitz… too much for me

Bush resembles Hitler too, especially around the nose

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