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Stuck Inside a War Torn Wonderland

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To the tune of "Walkin in a Winter Wonderland"; Lyrics courtesy of Code Pink  

Bombs explode – are you listenin'
Along the road – soliders missin'
We're frightened tonight
Our chopper's in flight
Stuck inside a war-torn wonderland
Gone away is the U.N.
Here to stay – Americ-n's
We've changed ou-ur minds
About weapon finds
Still we're stuck inside a war-torn wonderland.
In their country we'll set up a council
We'll pretend it's the Iraqi's voice
We'll complain that they are at a stand-still
If we left right now they'd all rejoice.
Later on, we'll rehire
Ba'athist guards
We once fired;
They'll smuggle our schemes
To insurgent teams
We're stuck inside a war-torn wonderland
Stuck inside a war-torn wonderland

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