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People are told to pay their taxes
When actually it's just one of the facts
That there's nothing in the Constitution to support that
Television pumping visions constantly to the brain
That you need either the knife or the pill when you feel pain
The truth is that the body was created to substain
And the pills that you take are the reason you feel so drained
An inaccurate world history is what we've been taught
Greed, power and money have forged the wars that were fought
The wealth that was held by an elite few
And the endless power that they sought
Have sculpted this version of reality we call the world
Washed through the tears of old broke men and little girls
And while we just sit back and watch this madness unfurl
Their version of history will be scribed forever
Polished like a brand new pearl
But rather take than heed to the lesson in need
People drown the pain in liquor and weed
With a "fuck the world" attitude that is taught to our seeds
These young cats are killing each other every week
Because they claimed Crip or Blood
Laid out in somewhere in the hood
With that blank stare and a crimson flood
We really need to unify right now
Get under one accord and turn this mess around
Before we submerge in this mess and drown

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