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Roving Lyrical Ambushes in Columbia Heights

Untitled document Telling children armed with snow/ice balls to "bring it on" when political caroling in Columbia Heights (aka Upper Cardoza) may not be advisable.   Our little friends followed us up to one house….and then the gentleman scolded them.   It was cold, but not freezing as the GPI, Jammers and Radical Cheerleaders came together to walk to door-to-door singing "christmas" carols.   We knocked on about 20 random doors, as soon as the door opened, we'd launch into a carol…such as Stuck Inside a War Torn Wonderland

Thanks to Code Pink and the Radical Cheerleaders for the rad carols!  Not one single door was shut — everyone greeted us warmly.   The highlight of the night was undoubtedly along Columbia Road.  We approached a house with lights (we targeted those) and when the girl opened the door, we started to sing, she ran away and suddenly 5 housemates were inviting us in and sharing their vegan chocolate chip cupcakes with us.   We left tons of flyers, hit about 20 houses and did a little rocking outside of BusBoys & Poets just before Damu Smith's birthday party..which was PACKED.   We ended the night at a party at The Everywhere Man's house….twas chill…twas festive…twas fun. 

Thanks to this evening's lyrical insurgents: Elizabeth, Nicole, Sarah, Dana, Andrew, Lyndi, Damien and Gustav.  Hella fun.  I plan to bring copies of the carols for the December 19 insurgency.  Catch the artivist bug!  

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