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Rage in New Orleans

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We've all got one of these!  I don't consider my poetry best read from a page, but heard……however, I want to encourage more poetry posting!   FYI – you may reprint/perform (even just pieces), but cannot use it to make a profit!


September 2005


Military resources deployed to Iraq     

country in need

deep fissures are showing

can you see the cracks?

The past two FEMA Directors

had no disaster management experience

appointed as friends

down graded cabinet position

absorbed by the

Department of Homeland Security with

millions of dollars while

people starved.

Do you feel safe?

We always knew this was coming

40 years of predicitions

3 years of consecutive budget cuts to

save New Orleans

yet tax cuts

line the pockets of the rich watching it

unfold from their summer homes

1st word transforms to 3rd world 

US policy sets a course for

a country’s invastion justified with lies

and they keep

spin, spin, spinning

Asst Security of Homeland Security

compassion illuminated when he

said “Some may have regretted their decision not to evacuate”

Can he not see what we see on the TV

it was the poor, infirmed and

many did follow orders

finding a way to the superdome as

the winds began to howl

a hole was chewed into the roof

and they spent the entire night wondering

if it would come loose

sun rising

air stifled

infused with heat, fear, desparation

toilets filled up

trash overflowed

food got scarce

your mouth dry

people start to scream and fight

and as you watch

a man shake and then stop…..

because he died

right before your eyes

and I can’t help but recognize

the truth that was there all along

our government doesn’t care about the poor.

Relief was slim before, just enough to keep the illusion of the dream possible

and the clock

ticked tocked

nearly a week goes by before

conditions improve



it made a difference in how likely you were to suffer


Don’t you feel the outraged?

Our government failed us

the thin veil has been removed

our orderly society stabilized by local state and federal laws

vanished under the rising waters

mow I see it was gone long before.


US gun laws armed those thugs

who took advantage of this window of opportunity

wielding their anger backed by bullets.

Where was the National Guard?


in sands

sticky oil


for a war they couldn’t even be bothered to tell us the truth about.

It’s a war on terror

Sept 11

The Department of Homeland Security was supposed to

save us in our hour of need but

no one was around when

boats were tipped over

hospitals robbed

cracks are everywhere now

the water is pouring in

spot gas shortages, whisperings of riots

gotta keep these folks in their place just in case the madness comes

the madness of crowds

lost jobs will have unemployment soar

in an unstable economy burdened by debt


The world is shaking its head in disbelief.

Is this the all powerful America?

500,000 people, on our own land

refugees who waited for days

as their anger rose and

I can feel it in my soul

Media voices were the first on the scene and

with no politicians to manage the message

we got the whole mouthful

rage, rage, rage

coming across our TV screens

echoing in my soul


Our democracy is broken.

Our culture is sick.

I see nothing but cracks

Are you looking, my fellow citizens

do you feel safe?

Consider this….

your government had 1 week to prepare for this storm

now imagine a terrorist attack










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