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October Actions

October was an exciting month, as we saw and participated in actions as a collective for the first time in a long time. A few poets both old and new to GPI joined the folks from down at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC on their main stage. Here’s a link to that performance, ours is the second performance on this video. There were speakers, performers, campers, and marchers from all walks of life and generations there to share their hearts and minds with DC and the world, hoping to help stop corporate greed and the war machine that have taken over our society. GPI also had a presence in October at Occupy DC in McPherson Square, helping keep up the good fight against Wall Street.

GPI’s October open mic was an intimate gathering of familiar faces, who keep up the good words every second Tuesday night of the month in the spirit of socially conscious change. We’ll continue dropping those positive thoughts in the quest-for-a-better-world bucket, which seems to be coming to a tipping point lately. You can always come and ride the wave with us at Bossa every month, and add your voice to the movement.

See you there!

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