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Marching Across the Midwest in April 2011

(this lines up well around 90 bpm….)

I had a great weekend in the People’s Republic
everything one could possibly ask for, on a stick:
connections en masse, with an entire class,
folks who — when they talk — I feel like I’m at a mass.

The space is sacred. The vibration we’re making.
makes me pause, examine myself, and stop fakin’.
They’re breaking all my shallow preconceptions
encountering a whole box of human confections

intellections…and other mental infections.
I dance my ass off: kinesthetic inflections.
We’re all reflections of the Universe’s corrections,
our directions in concert, aligned, perfection

Friends, mentors, allies, we comprise
the microcosms of how our society will rise
we’re all yeast in the bread, variety, more kinds
stronger together than alone: oops, pow surprise!

My host, a guide of the golden sort, the most
erudite of my professional cohort
a luminary in my legal seminary
we’re canaries singing as the sun joins the fairies

a mentor for a decade acquaintance maintenance
and then, in a single weekend, changing it.
Late night life chats on the porch, crack a joke,
light a torch, have a smoke, tell a story ’bout folks:

heroes whom he knows, history I be told.
The word be spoken to my wide open lobes
wisdom insight guidance and experience
and now friendship across generation: delirious


For the first time in ages I lose my breathe
every time she looks in my direction. It’s a left
uppercut to the chin. I’m windmilling and then
she’s there…like a wave, lifting up my fins

Her energy a wind, a tornado, a tsunami.
She makes my insides feel tied, like origami.
I’m salami…on toast and cheese
any chance to be devoured by her, I’d say please

Constant transcendental conversation
about transformation and inspiration
elevation meditation versus hastin’
If I were a college, I’d want her accreditation

She’s amazin’ — straight up fell outta the sky.
I don’t understand how we share so much or why
we’ve never met before. I’m off my feet, on the floor.
I want more…but we’re walking through separate doors.


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