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Lyrical Ambush + Performance @ “Spiral” Event in Richmond, VA

Written by Damian

I think I’ma chill and just rock with the rhythm
I’m chillin’ in the same pair of denim
I was in when we had first all piled in the SUV
The Confederacy was our destiny
But tryin’ to leave DC
was both ercsome and silly. How many
Guerrillas does it take to get out of the city?
Well, clearly more than five; that’s how many we had.
We cleared our minds when we first got in the van
But damn, that shouldn’t matter; I been crazy for years
So none of us panicked. The van could smell fear
When what should appear? Signs for 395!
I don’t know how we found it, and frankly I’m still surprised
We felt high as gas prices, nice as ice.
Richmond, Virginia: full steam ahead
Munchies of all kinds; all shapes sizes and wrappin’s
Music and the stupidest chattin’
To ever happen
The fact we arrived at all is minor and yet miraculous
Rebel flag in front of us; Heck’s Angels in back of us
That, and more than half of us was burnt to a crisp
But once we got settled, we were ready to spit
The order was me, Gustav, Jeff, and Sha
And on ‘American Dream’ Brendon would guest star
Baby bwoi when it was time, we fell in sinc with the drums
And I was screamin’ ‘Dark Chocolate’ at the top of my lungs
Amongst fire spinners, belly dancers, phantasmagoria
Chillin in the alley, watchin’ for Crown Victorias
Family, it was glorious. I wish y’all coulda seen it.
When I say that, I mean it. You wouldn’t f*****’in believe it
Later in the evening…we got a little mic time
Other cats was spittin’ what I would consider tight rhymes
None of ’em was like mine, but that’s another matter.
When Guerrillas left the microphone, it was in tatters
Shattered to little pieces, but the evening was young
We was all a bit exhausted, but we’d only begun
Riding back to DC was easy, freestylin’
We parted with Brendan, dropped off the SUV at Budget
Guerrilla Road Trippin’: Can’t do nothin’ but love it

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