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Lyrical Ambush in DuPont + Post-Ambush Mobile Poetic Insurgency

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The DC GPI’s latest Monday night lyrical ambush was the shiz nizzety bam bam bangitty bidnasteh.  DuPont Circle was chill, with the biting cold intense enough to keep most folks indoors, but once we left the Circle and hopped on the METRO system, all hell broke loose.

Riding the Red line down from DuPont Circle to Gallery Place was typical, with passersby seeming to appreciate the content of our performance, while unsure how to react to it in person.  We did have an especially rousing rendition of “the War on Terror” on the platform that actually caught applause from across the entire station.

But it was in the station at Gallery Place where things got crunk.  Once we got to the Green Line platform, a circle formed around us and people started moving in closer.  A brother passing by gave me mad props on “We all Strive,” before an entire crew of young women MCs rolled through.  One of them jumped into the cipher, and we passed the imaginary mic back and forth a few times.  They were all thoroughly positive, and offered seemingly sincere salutations as the last of our crew took our leave at Columbia Heights.


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