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Lyrical Ambush in Dupont + Post-Ambush Chillin @ Hobbit House

Written by Laila Shereen

May 1, International Labor Day, the Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency struck once again in Dupont Circle. The lyrical ambush has shifted from its previous position on the fountain, facing South…to facing East. The crowd came out on this late beginning of Spring in Washington, DC. The crew and the people walking by were on fire….sidewalk chalk art seems to be one of those things that people passing by love to participate in. All sorts of different faces came up on the mic, including Pete P. adorable 8 or 9-year old girl, WIlliam from Denver who was walking by looking for dinner, Nik Schiller, the hottest graphic map artist, and rappers like Jessica, Damien, Dan, Jess, and many others freestyled while Pimp Daddy Fadi, Vishal, Meesha, and others stayed solid on the drums. Welcome Spring.

Meanwhile, embedded camera crew (Ellie, Sam, Rob1 [documentarian], and Rob2 [ from Shepardstown, WV])…and all their equipment set-up there on the circle’s sidewalk. The cameras were on!! Power to the people. The flow between the drummers, the folks on the mic, the camera crew, and all the other humans walking by was positively on!! It was on. Love to the people. Power to the peaceful….

And so afterwards, about 20 people or so made the walk up 18th Street to the Hobbit House for a more intimate gathering, answering questions from the camera crew. How did we first connect with the GPI? What it’s like experiencing our discontent in “Washington,” Babylon itself? And what it’s like to be the voice of the discontent in the capital of the American empire? We were asked about the divisions and fractures within the progressive left and how the GPI sees its role. It was a fascinating and engaging discussion among a variety of voices representing the Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency. Stay tuned for more information about the documentary….

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