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Learn to Love to Live

Thanks to all who came out to the last open mic of 2011 in December! Here are the highlights…

Always cool as the breeze, Damian applied his flawless knowledge to cause great expectations, ’cause he’s on some different shit.

Jess reminisced about el mar y lago.

Shahid is helping us find justice in this world because our rights got sold–you’re being watched by big brother right now!

Clara’s whole being vibrates, with sad melodies and happy songs, as she goes in search of a thousand houses in her absent mind.

Raj found out that love is like the wind, never to be held.

Farah knows the drive we humans have to survive, but we let things like oil cloud any judgement of what we must do to save each other–we need to learn to love to live.

Learn to love to live–aw yeah.

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