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June 16: Poetry Dance Party!

The rain can’t wash away the guerrillas! Clearing up just in time for us to have a spectacular evening! Poets were spitting their words  — seasoned vets Mo, Ted and Jeff were joined by newcomers Willow, Ronnie, Chris and Timothy Tattoo. Special shout-out to all the women who answered the call, Lyndi, Lacy, Kristen, Laurie and especially Cherie whose beautiful voice touched the soul. Vishal Kanwar, Sriram Gopal and Kristin Arant got the circle bumping with fusion music featuring the live Tablas, flute and various percussion instruments laid against some hot beats. The sidewalk chalking was sic with Cesar & Wendy leading the charge. Folks are digging our new format incorporating musical features into our Ambushes. Pulling in quite an audience, including a full out dance party to end the evening last night’s Open Mic exceeded our wildest expectations. We create the vehicle and YOU create the show. Much love, blessings and gratitude to all that came out and all those there in spirit. Next Lyrical Ambush is Monday, July 21, 7pm! You won’t want to miss it!

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  1. I was just passing through on the way home and got lured in by the sounds of the drums – Your words were all powerful and the dance party was LIBERATING — Thank you for providing such an awesome space to let loose — Id Love to see the Pics, especially from the dance party! Are you guys posting them??

    Comment by Nikki Vlahakis — June 17, 2008 @ 4:47 pm

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