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July’s Open Mic Highlights

In July, we took the open mic upstairs at Bossa, as we’ve done in the past, and had an awesome time. It was a full house of new friends and old, listening to inspiring words that touched our souls. We also bid our friend Denise bon voyage, as she sets off for her home state, Alaska, to help fight for indigenous people’s lands and rights. Here are some highlights…

Jeff wants to tear down that rag, that old confederate hag, that racist traderist flag.

Kinika wonders, why do people come into each other’s lives with their bullshit?

Damian fell in love but he shouldn’t have fell in love, but he shoulda.

Michael asked Emma, who wrote the Statue of Liberty plaque…didn’t you see when my boat came in?

Daisy showed us eruption: fissures in her soul fight to take control; no fake precautions, no more pretending calm; let the lava flow.

Luis sees we are livin’ in a corrupt nation where tough bacon know they can just slay men.

Denise warned us in her poem Isohuti that an Alaskan village will be devoured by the ocean in ten years. Instead of keeping quiet, I rise alongside native brothers, sisters, and allies.

Shahid said the snow that finds the earth sticks, in expanding white patches; its counterparts on the asphalt, atomized, fade quickly.

April with her flute captured the warrior, war woman–catch the light of the moon bow.

Jess rocked her DC Poem Song.

We’ll see you again at Bossa (2463 18th ST. NW DC) in August on the second Tuesday, 8/11, 7-9 PM. Go write!

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