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It’s all fun in Sudan

Darfur, Darfur, Darfur,

I wanna shed my stress in Darfur,
where the rats eat well,
the graveyards too
and children take grenades to
the schools.

In Darfur
you can get
your dreamt six pack,
and eat all organic
cause you’re gonna thrive on your guts.

In Darfur
rape is a civil right
and you don’t have to worry
cause somebody else
will beat your wife.

there, you've got

no problems to get a gun

and can practice easily shootin

your neighbors or your son

and you'll be praised not send to prison

if you kidnap a woman

and please her with female circumcition

In Darfur freedom will be

according to your own standards

nobody will have a word

not even these U.N. nosy bastards

No more constraints!!

just sit down and relax

enjoy the suffocating atmosphere

and all the fun in Sudan!

gorila from delawhere-spain connection

viva la evolucion!

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  1. Uhuru (Freedom) comrade, and i really felt your poem the genocide that is taking place in Darfur and neighboring North African lands is indeed terrifying. The majority of society or so called mainstram society does not care about Africa and has done a skillfully job in excluding Africa out of the history books. Since i am a African who considers himself connected to all of Africa i feel the pain and i care. The masses of people across the world are suffering in oppression and capitalist-imperialism. But i believe since those in America who are merely the puppets of this system they follow the consciouness and vibration of deceit and materialism and violence. We are what we were five thousand years ago when we lived along the Nile entering from the heart of Africa into Sudan (Nubia) and then northward into Egypt. Our history will not be forgotten. Hotep!

    Comment by Delton — July 13, 2008 @ 9:27 pm

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