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In July We Jammed at Bossa

Ah, swamp-heat DC summer, how do I count the ways? One, indoor air-conditioned open mic at Bossa; two, with your friendly neighborhood guerrilla poets; three, with cool words and rhythms that treat you right. Here’s what we heard:

Luis was knocking down the doors of perception with his mescalinesque flow.

Zane, inspired by Neil Gaiman, was feeling like a warrior entering Valhalla and Coraline-creepy yet whimsical.

Jess couldn’t be kept down with no pain.

Arin cranked it all the way up and showed us the eyes of a lizard, the eyes of a king, the eyes of a dead man—it’s all in the eyes.

Hannah painted us a house with smells like earth and burning wood.

Chris confided how a year ago he died inside: when you see the soul of someone you want to connect to and they drain you, you die.

Open mics can be inspiring and therapeutic. I always feel rejuvenated when I go to GPI’s. Come out and get deep with me. Hope to see you there. – Jessica

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