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Guerrilla Poets Lyrically Ambush Dupont Circle

The poetry insurgency rocked DuPont tonight, dropping beats and kickin' poetry for two hours in the evening rush hour before adjourning to the Belmont House to watch Dave Chapelle's Block Party over pizza.

Poets attending included Alice, Laurie, Jeff, Laila, Midge, Damian, Shahid, and special guests Reggie and Sage from Sol y Sol. Drummers included Laurie, Shahid, Midge, Fadi, and newcomer Jesse, who shared an interest in doing outreach on the insurgency's behalf to the Rainbow Tribe community. Guerrillas brought out the sidewalk chalk in full effect, and kept the vibe going until shortly after 9pm.

Aside from folks who came out to participate, the typical flow of onlookers and passersby included a few special highlights. A group of international conference attendees paused while passing by, prompting a woman from South Africa to approach the mic and sing the country's national anthem (backed up by Laurie, who knew it from her time living there). Also, newcomer Katie introduced herself by literally dancing across the Circle, and spoke of hearing the drums while driving by before parking her car specifically to join us and get down for awhile. Good times….

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