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Guerrilla poetry vs the CIA

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Phenomejon (AKA Jonathan Tucker) welcome his first political arrest, in a hearing in the Senate Intelligence Committee on the nomination of John Brennan (AKA the executioner) to head the CIA. While the chair of the committee closed the hearing to the public before I had a chance to interject, Jonathan proudly raised his voice.

Here’s what I’d prepared to say, in a loud enough voice that would have captured the C-SPAN cameras:

Torture and extrajudicial assassination
make a rogue state of our once great nation.
We cite China to show freedom denied,
but drones and torture undermine our national pride.

Collateral damage? How broad? Who knows?
America wants more war, and it shows:
allegations of abuse, unanswered, grow and grow,
turning hearts & minds abroad into our newest round of foes

Welcome to the Terrordrome: Gitmo, Bagram.
The President changed, but the abuses go on.
You must reject John Brennan’s nomination
to satisfy your oath to defend the Constitution.

See you at the February GPI open mics, on Tuesday Feburary 19 at Bossa Bistro with the Akoma Drummers, and Wednesday February 27 at the Coffy Cafe in Columbia Heights!

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