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GPI mobs New England for One Night Only

GPI @ The Hip-Hop Caucus in Boston: 21-APR-2007 4/21 – the day before earth day, the day after 420: 8AM bleary eyed and still thinking I had a chance with one of the lovely's from the night before, Shahid's face peeks around the corner of my bedroom door. "Dude, you still up for a trip to Boston?" I look over at the clock accusingly flickering its green numbers telling me that I had just gone to bed an hour or so before. "Yeah – let me get a shower." I crawled to the bathroom and contemplated being sick. Not today, I figured. Rinsed clean and feeling a bit more functional than 30 minutes earlier, we grabbed bags and jumped in the Yuppie Mobile. [Side note: It's not totally yuppie 'cause the back window won't go up, the sunroof won't go back and it smells like dog]

Long drives to long days and we switch up a few times, cover long and winding topics of conversation, develop new theories to challenge other new ones, and finally my hangover is gone somewhere around the top of Jersey, unless it was gone in Delaware and Jersey just gave me a new one.

We get to Boston w/ time to spare – Shahid changes in the back seat into the International Colors of Danger: Yellow & Black. The event was the Hip-Hop Caucus Tour in Boston's South End at the Latino Cultural Center. The sun was begging to set itself down below the horizon and there was a large crowd milling about. Performer after performer got up and rocked the mic: Spoken word, B-Boys poppin-n-lockin, some intense Breakin' and heavy lyrics demanding change and awareness. The crowd roared and the Reverend Yearwood gave out shirts and inspirational messages. There were some good names in underground hip-hop and some good names in Pro-Peace love.

The gig was up and we were out: back into the yuppie mobile for the next GP Insurgency in Providence, RI. It's about 11pm and we're to find the "Firehouse" art and experimental space that Providence hosts. We roll up on the end of the Total Bolsheviks set and I grab some drinks and start screaming at the top of my lungs "the house has burnt down; the white house has burnt down and now it's charred black!" Rattling Indie-Hipsters out of their apathy proves difficult. The shows over and we head down to New London, CT – pound some beers, laugh a lot and get some good times in before sleep overcomes us as we crash on the floor for an hour and a half needed sleep. 7AM – Wakeup, back on the road to get Sha & the Kid we dragged out with us to Boston in time to catch a train back to DC.

So goes a whirlwind visit to New England for the forces of Good: Everyone loves Good.


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