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GPI January Open Mic Rocked!

January was an amazing open mic! Great way to start off the year. GPI was holdin’ it down, and we made some new friends along the way, who inspired us with their words, rhythms, and good vibes. Here are some highlights…

Jess tapped her dreams to find the words to spin into a romantic poem or undone perfection.

A smorgasbord of unfathomable might, Shahid warned that the courts say “trust us” while they blindfold you, strapped down to a table.

Damian’s got a great sense of smell–there’s bacon in the breeze, and they keep us in the basics.

J. Page found out that she is truly blessed–walked away and prayed for a hater; and she reminded us that what we wear, what drive keeps us preoccupied, while cancer-ridden mothers continue to die.

J. Quinn remembered Troy Davis, whose body dropped, tears fell, and the free world continued. His real poem begins here, at the point of anger.

Jay surprised us in over time to say It’s 2012, the year we learn our strength and find out Yes, We Can get on the same wave length.

Looking forward to February! See you there.

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