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GPI and UMD Students Rock the Mic

On Friday night, November 10, the Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) helped raise the roof and funds for Univeristy of Maryland's Feminists without Borders. The GPI had a 45 minute set between student performances and David Rovics.  Themes of human tragedy and overcoming struggle peppered performers' pieces, echoing the topic of the show: supporting oppressed Lebanese and Palestinians.

The GPI rolled heavy with five female voices and two male drummers. It was not the first time the GPI had been invited to perform by feminists, so the women of GPI had a couple of group pieces to offer among their individual pieces, which included other themes like feminism, 911, being Arab, fighting oppression, human compassion, and immigrant rights. Stellar drumming and percussion–and some debut guitar strumming–made the GPI performance stand out from the rest, as the audience rocked to a socailly conscience beat.

"Your performance was great! I really liked how diverse you all are," said one audience member after the set. Reggae, hip-hop, latin, and rock rhythms and vocal styles were just some of the sounds heard by the audience. UMD's poetry and music scene is vibrant, and its students are inspired. The GPI was honored to be a part of their energy.

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