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Good News for a Change

Babylon shook today, with all three branches of the federal government reflecting the best news our nation's had in awhile.

Lest believers in a brighter future get ahead of ourselves, however, I'll merely suggest that the real question is now how assertively will the incoming Committee chairs wield their new influence, and whether corporate or bona fide progressive Democrats come to define the forgoing agenda.  The right wing is down, but it's far from out, and we have yet to even address the more longstanding threat to meaningful justice or equality in America: the overwhelming dominance of corporations in both major political parties.

I remain hopeful, but still skeptical of what goes on in this town….

It seems to me
we have an opportunity
to let all people see
what it means to be free

but more likely it will be a hoax
hundreds of confused folks
standin around with no kind of direction
until somebody gets excited and runs for an election

and then shuns the people who didn't support his campaign
feedin and greedin off their labor so he can gain fame
always forgetting in the end that it’s the same:
lame liars losing lavishly to those who don’t pose

with rows of pretty poster children
tryna make the most of what they’re given
but livin’ in a land that tells lies:
all you can do after college is serve fries

unless you’re hellafied smart.
It don’t hurt to have a start involving parents with some cash.
Don’t even need your own stash
to get a hundred yard head start in the white man’s dash.

we need some MASH in the public education system
fixin’ oscillation between frustration, inspiration
for those pursuing dissemination of education,
everybody always bitchin bout how we can’t educate

but no one tries to ruminate on possible solutions.
Instead, we remain mired in confusions,
focusing on kids in schools with guns,
when the real problem’s a lack of funds.

Property taxes buy teachers with PhDs
for the rich suburban white kids, while the rest of these
kids without the head starts get teachers with big hearts
but not so much incentive – they have to get inventive

to find books for the children they’re supposed to teach
Solutions slipping off the tongues of politicians
pandering to the public to pursue their ambitions
purchasing munitions that we don’t even need

in order to appeal to their constituent’s greed.
Who needs education?
We’ll just lock up kids with weed,
breeding an abominable political creed

We need to be freed from our so-called democracy,
rediscoverin’ tender loving appreciation for the beauty of creation
chasin’ the sensation of connection
with the entire global – one human kind – nation

erasin’ frustration over victimization
by pursuing the eradication of domination.
Talkin’ ‘bout corporations, globalization
after being slaves, now consumers on plantations,

our orientation, imposed on all locations:
increasing the size of corporate capitalization.

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  1. A lot of this line of thinking in poetry that Daisy describes seems to be the reverberation and absorption of lit crit theories from the late 1980s and the 1990s into the creative world–the use of semiotics, deconstruction, and reader-response theories to analyze literary texts. A lot of this theory–Roland Barthes, Jonathan Culler, Stanley Fish, and those critics with the Cher-like popularity of being known only by a single name, Foucault and Derrida–a lot of it is pretty interesting to read, contemplate, and apply to texts. I encountered most of this in the early 1990s in lit grad school

    Comment by WILFRED JOHN — January 19, 2008 @ 10:29 am

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