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DC GPI Group Piece: War on Terror

War on Terror

No particular order of verses, organized on the fly, with who is in attendance.

War on Terror, War on Drugs (being)
Perpetrated by the same circle of thugs
It’s a prison-military-industrial-complex (and its)
fueled by funds funneled from our paychecks

The pomposity
of the tyranny
of a nation that thought it had the right to be
the aggressor that knows better
than a lesser in its eye
Is the underlying reason for these
wars we have to buy.
Righteousness overruns moralistic claims
that detention is protection from
evildoers’ games
when photos are snapped and high fives are slapped
and the needy are not treated,
but feel defeated by their traps.



A country built on slavery, claiming democracy
admitting all people are equal, hypocrisy

we see domestically and internationally
the same strategies to keep people on our knees
A War on Drugs: pretext to jail minorities
A War on Terror to justify authorities
acting unilaterally to undermine peace
in both the middle east and our own city streets.

In a nation, built on indoctrination
It’s a suburb on this big plantation,
our land is fueled with tanks,
the blood of the unheard ranks
And the enemy, just a word
When our lifestyles are killing
Brother, it’s absurd
The energy we use
Will consume our mother earth
In our Suv’s and polluting tv’s
If you trace the connections
There’s a maze of intersections
HOW will they defend this war…as noble
Amidst all this outrage that is truly global.


2 million souls are trapped in our penal system
1 in 4 black men
incarcerated at 9 times the rate of white men
justice served in inverse proportion to pigment
color me victim
victim to pitches of propaganda
no contest
the army recruiters say
you can die a hero
but you die either way
in the ….


True…but also kinda sad
Nightmares are the best dreams I ever had
Flowing through my veins, the world’s gone mad
And I’m hearing kids cryin from here to Baghdad
And its sad…when birds can’t soar in the skies
Too many planes dropping bombs as they scream right by
Too many tears from the mothers as they sit and they cry
Homes….burning…no one recalls why



I'm the nature of the threat/ready, set/you gots to go
The only thing I need you for is fighting wars and making dough
Say no./I don't give a hell/I got jails
The life stealin'/villain/with no need for magic spells
Sex sells/so does crack cocaine and incarceration
Depending if it suits me, I can limit immigration
From some nation I'm destroyin' with my governmental policies
Making instruments of mass destruction with technologies
That could be used to improve lives, but not on my dime
And ain't no bleed/heart liberal pleadin'/changin' my mind
'Cause my kind/don't gotta explain a goddamn thing
I'm the cat pullin' strings/behind figure head kings
Real power, I bestowed upon congresses and partiments
I'm the one who benefits/from electoral politics
What's solid's quick/to crumble into sand/in my hand
I'm no hidden boogie man/you know exactly who I am
I'm the market/lining pockets/of some third world strong man
I'm two hundred years of power gripped tight in the wrong hands
A world war startin'/dirty rotten/strike breaker
Dark hearted life taker/of pre-teen Nike makers
Light saber/Jedi style is how I'm wielding Christianity
Any opposition to me, I just call insanity
So understand it, see/there is no Illuminati
But keep inventin' boogie me; that's how I get my jollies



What's the number for 9-1-1 because I called and they
didn't care t
hat a drunken frat boy was driving our country
he has committed every degree of murder
probably has a mental disorder
failed every single quarter
did so-much coke his life is ten year shorter
and we let him come into power
but it only took him one hour for his war plan
and now? he wants to bomb my man*
I don't think so!
ARREST THE PRESIDENT (arrest the president)
But you see he really isn't the president
he is an unwanted resident
almost like a roach but you see he never flew coach
he's like unattended baggage ready to explode

in the ….

Chorus (twice)


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