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  • You are indeed the burning bush the burn of the sun the bite of the cold You are indeed a daily funeral the daily whipping to learn the daily call of duty for all to see and suffer You are indeed the finished ritual the waxless candle the stringless guitar the inkless pen the headless prophet

  • Little plastic soldier your sword's been reduced to nothing I left the lamp on all day and returned home to a little man who's now incapable of killing Little plastic soldier your shield's melted away I am greeted by a defenceless toy when I return to my home at the end of the day Little […]

  • Skeletal fingers embrace the world they don't reach the north? Hypocrits crying in the rain Faceless wraiths carrying in their arms newborn children destined for the same Will it really be a war if we dont measure up first? Every well in the nation has run dry to every marrow Corpses lie in the dust […]

  • I look up at the moon the beautiful moon and realize this jewel, is neither rooted nor chained nor caged, nor restrained But as I realize this miracle grinning at this joyful justice another thought enters my counciousness breaking up my inner celebration Should not every being that witness' it's glorious presence be filled with […]

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, community and resistance.

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