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I'm a creative countercultural change agent. After being deployed behind enemy lines for five years in the capital of our (supposedly) freedom-loving nation, I rolled back out west in 2008 to live a little. My passions include rhyming over house tracks, building spaces around which diverse communities can coalesce, media activism, dancing my ass off, and zerberts.

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  • A b u little Lynndie England flaunting her body John Chivington Corporal Charles Graner stacking Iraqis   Governor John Evans ordered Ghraib Don Rumsfeld corpse in the bag   sand in the mouth Mt. Evans Bush Library   tiny skulls litter the field

  • Last night (AKA the eve of Bubbles’ birthday), the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency visited Coffy Cafe in Columbia Heights to share a two hour poetry set. Around 20 people rolled through, along with 7-8 poets. Regulars Damian, Jessica, and Shahid hit the mic, alongside new friends Flavia, Charles Reese, Inkblot, and Michelle (who graced us […]

  • This Wednesday, February 27, the DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency is dropping an indoor lyrical ambush at a new location. It’s an all ages venue with full cafe service and fresh (sweet or savory) crepes, so bring your kids and your sweet tooth…as well as your poems, of course! Where: Coffy Cafe on 14th St., just […]

  • On Tuesday, February 19, we packed the second floor of Bossa sang “Happy Birthday” to Jess & Joe welcomed prodigal son Hawah back from his travels to release The Poetry of Yoga, Volume II danced our behinds off to the sounds of the fabulous Akoma Drummers You can relive it all through a fantastic slide […]

  • Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Phenomejon (AKA Jonathan Tucker) welcome his first political arrest, in a hearing in the Senate Intelligence Committee on the nomination of John Brennan (AKA the executioner) to head the CIA. While the chair of the committee closed the hearing to the public before I had a chance to […]

  • Cliff and Andre ended up singing the lights out. Cliff, after having…(a lot of) trouble recalling the precise song he wanted to sing, exhorted us to never use drugs. Then he rolled out “Heard it Through the Grapevine,” which I’d ironically considered singing just a few minutes before. Once he got going, he seemed inclined to keep going, so we let the cipher roll for about half an hour.

  • (this lines up well around 90 bpm….) I had a great weekend in the People’s Republic everything one could possibly ask for, on a stick: connections en masse, with an entire class, folks who — when they talk — I feel like I’m at a mass. The space is sacred. The vibration we’re making. makes […]

  • The poetry insurgency’s March 2011 lyrical ambush was intense, starting with all of two poets and ballooning over the course of two short hours into over ten.

  • It was a snowy night in DC last night, but guerrilla poets nonetheless came from far & wide — including George Washington University, from which students Ellen and Kevin rolled through — to rock the mic at Bossa. Meanwhile, a crew of stray guerrillas rocked rhymes in Hollywood, while the SF crew did a round […]

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, community and resistance.

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