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Park Heights

32 years poet and writer from Baltimore, Maryland. I currently live in Waldorf. I have published a poetry book entitled, Here I Am. I am also in the middle of completing my second poetry book which is entitled, Morality Clause. Please check it out at

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  • People are told to pay their taxes When actually it's just one of the facts That there's nothing in the Constitution to support that Television pumping visions constantly to the brain That you need either the knife or the pill when you feel pain The truth is that the body was created to substain And […]

  • This is a fictional letter from Sgt. John Sawyer, currently serving in Iraq to his loving wife Denise back home Dear Denise, Hello my love, this is your husband John. Sending you all my love and regards from the Middle East. I'm taking time to write this letter in the middle of this war going […]

  • George W. Bush and his family are the worse kind of people The image of what happens with too much power Turned on his citizens Subjecting us to our darkest hour We’re not even the first to wear the scars Their family has had a hand in all the wars And most of us are […]

  • Politicians speak on what they plan to do I’m here to speak on what we’re going through Unemployment, homelessness, same–sex marriage A soldier’s deployment… his wife’s loneliness and despair Teenage pregnancy and abortions no longer a shock The crime rate in cities reaching all time highs They blame it on hip hop like they blamed […]

  • So begins the story of a young boy born into a cold land Born to a prostitute and her pimp of a man Born into a world where no one cares to lend a hand Yet still innocent because he doesn’t yet understand Some years have passed… he’s just turned 5 His momma is just […]

  • This is a made for TV war Boldly announced to the world like the fall lineup of a major network It's leaders… happy to tell us what was in store The season premier was highly anticipated Bomb blasts broadcasted in high definition But even 1080i couldn't show us why I wonder how the Nielson Corporation […]

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, community and resistance.

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