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  • Man, we had fun at Bossa in September. New faces, old friends graced the stage to share words from the page, and some even did a cypher at the end. Highlights: Mark shared Offispring’s You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid: Show me how to lie, You’re getting better all the time. Mustafa gave us some Perci […]

  • We rocked it for the crowd at Bossa in August. Some of the vets even insured newbies to give the mic a shot. The highlights: Luis climbed the ladder, stood up to Goliath, and roamed amongst the throngs of calm trees. Jessica heard the strum of a busker beat and waged an old new protest. […]

  • Come to our poetry open mic at Bossa in August! Bring your words or your favorite OPP (other people’s poetry). Let’s hear your poetical thoughts on our current state of affairs. Rhythmic therapy, anyone? See you there! Tuesday, August 8 at 7 PM – 9 PM Bossa Bistro + Lounge 2463 18th St NW, Washington, […]

  • Ah, swamp-heat DC summer, how do I count the ways? One, indoor air-conditioned open mic at Bossa; two, with your friendly neighborhood guerrilla poets; three, with cool words and rhythms that treat you right. Here’s what we heard: Luis was knocking down the doors of perception with his mescalinesque flow. Zane, inspired by Neil Gaiman, […]

  • Why, we read poetry of course! People brought their own pieces or read OPP (other people’s poetry). If you like to write or you’re down with OPP, then join us out at Bossa next month. June highlights: Zane shared his dingbat pride—he may be obsessed with cats and teddy bears, but he’ll never be fucking […]

  • We had a great open mic in May. At Bossa in Adams Morgan every second Tuesday evening of the month, you get to read poetry with us where everyone knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. Here are the highlights: Jess used building blocks to roam a web of the free. Zion reminded […]

  • The April open mic at Bossa was a doozy. We had a great turnout, both on the stage and in the audience, with new open mic-ers and some regular faves. Here are some highlights: Zane spoofed our commanda-in-chief: winna, looza; money, fame, and powa; winna dominate, vermine conqua. Luis asked us to have some patience […]

  • GPI Activities in January, February, and March We had our second-Tuesdsay open mics at Bossa in January, February, and March, and one even had a guest host. Thanks to all who help host and show up to share the stuff all the time! You are all inspiring. Here are just a few highlights from one […]

  • Hi all! We’ll be marching around DC this weekend, Saturday January 21, 2017, to celebrate women and the issues that are important to them. We plan to meet up with our old pals in the Rhythm Worker’s Union during the march. They are resurrecting the Mother Drum Ship. Find their meetup information here: Later […]

  • We are still recovering from the elections but were out at Bossa to keep the poetry lamp burning in December. Some highlights: The Poet with No Name is no longer confused by four lines–I move, I move for trapped black queens too tired to know what a nap means. Zane shared what happens to a […]

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