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Punk Bitch. Will Jack you for your sneaks. Loves kittens. Rolls in mustard, drys off in piles of leaves.

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  • I had an idea… it's a strech, but what if – that famous what if – in the city where government sleeps, sometimes they get a coffee. What if there were a network of guerrilla poets that were mobilized for impromptu mobile debates with representatives and their aides? The every-man-joe spotter TXTS a number and […]

  • 4/21 – the day before earth day, the day after 420: 8AM bleary eyed and still thinking I had a chance with one of the lovely's from the night before, Shahid's face peeks around the corner of my bedroom door. "Dude, you still up for a trip to Boston?" I look over at the clock […]

  • These taxes are killing me, tax my soul, my heart tax my love to pay for hate blowing up in the name of state; well, I'll file them for you, little machines of death, and you'll call yourself Caesar, but all you really do is make it difficult to please her: the money could be […]

  • Dear Mr. President, We have not lifted a finger to hurt you in your home: we are not you, will not be you; we have raised our voices with a global unity that our harmony will prevail over the destruction you desire. I have heard that these marches will simply fall on deaf ears, but […]

  • Greetings Humans, I thought I would send out one of my vaguely annual missives on the world when I realized I had actual "news"! And the news is: I am moving to Zürich, Switzerland. I don't have a firm date yet, however, I expect it to be in the next 2 months or so – […]

  • I guess she’s going to do it; all of them – they couldn’t give a shit what happens to someone else’s kid, what happens on the factory floor, what happens when people are poor – and if you join to die, you can get college paid for. College never offered a class for me, called, […]

  • Is it the curse of the oppressed that they should oppress? the occupied to occupy; the down trodden to climb above and trod down those they've climbed over? Is repayment so ingrained it will cross over generations – this filthy currency of hate to be traded by the sour hands of Victim Set down at […]

  • it is the bricks in the wall with the crumbling mortar that make the ambush come alive. where the dandy lion cracks the pavement – insisting on life is where the poetry of time exists as resistance to these feeble kings who’ve had their beds maid by starlings on strings. Where trees commit suicide rather […]

  • thinking of zen find out just what you don’t need. put it on sale and buy 10 of them. say it was worth saving the money. pick out a small dark spot that is scary. send your children in to it without light. tell them it was an effort towards freedom. take a nail and […]

  • I’ve been dying for the Propaganda Dream They put it in motion – I don’t know when Make me want freedom, and all that. But something went awry – The Propaganda Dream can’t hold up to lies. Oh, the dream was good – Freedom, Equality With Capital F’s and E’s; no one gets on your […]

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