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  • Guerrilla poet Nat Parry wrote a preview of an upcoming court proceeding in political prisoner Mumia abu-Jamal's ongoing appeal from his death sentence imposed after a trial widely condemned as racist and illegitimate. Nat's post includes some excellent videos featuring contemporary commentary by Mumia. It's worth checking out.

  • You ain't never seen nothin like John Braman's ukulele & hip-hop fusion. Check out his first music video, featuring videography by Mark Betancourt as creative as Jon's musical mix . . . .  And no, this is not some kind of Halloween trick.  Check out the video — it's a treat!

  • Props to Andrew Vargo (movement strategist extraordinaire and developer of the code driving this website) for pointing out an article about Hip Hop in Bolivia, described by the author as "music blend[ing] ancient Andean folk styles and new hip hop beats with lyrics about revolution and social change."  Abraham Bojorquez, an artist in the El […]

  • This post features an ethnography written by Brendan Kiernan, American University, Class of 2007. Selected excerpts appear here; "read more" to read the complete ehtnography: We are a group of individuals dedicated to using poetry and spoken word to speak truth to power….We host free speech gatherings at places like the DuPont Circle Park and […]

  • In case you missed it, Hugo Chavez delivered a scathing condemnation of our nation's fascist right-wing leadership (YouTube has video with audio in either Spanish or English ) at the United Nations this Wednesday.  Farrah Stockman and Rick Klein of The Boston Globe, for instance, reported that "President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela denounced President Bush […]

  • Untitled document The guerrillas rocked the spot during the Adams-Morgan day festival, turning the front portch of the Belmont House into a fourth"stage" with live music.  The house hosted a garage sale, and with a series of arts booths lining one side of Belmont Street, a small army of folks rolled through over the course […]

  • Untitled document Written by Kristen Arant The evening of Monday September 4's gray sky threatened rain; the GPI sound system had  been kidnapped to Camp Democracy; and several of the guerrillas were playing in the dust at Burning Man — yet 5 committed guerrilla poets who happened to hang around rocked it out with immense […]

  • Written by Feminist Fatale We fought together as one in the stifling desert heat. Our hearts beating fast, we knew we could not accept defeat. The enemy in the distance was coming up quick. He saw us! The dust from the ground wasn't too thick. We fired our guns as best we could. But they […]

  • Written by Feminist Fatale Have you ever been ashamed of whom you were? Have you ever been ashamed of what people infer? "You're just a killer and you've done wrong and you don't belong." What is happening? There is war and hate and people have decided that "might makes right." Death is filling the air […]

  • Written by Kim Righter 8-24-06 Public Defender Spinning words, fighting fate But my entry is late to stop the Humpty Dumpty effect of plummeting without a social safety net. I meet with a boy Purple and blue cheek Jack-o-lantern grin Tells me about Par four Dodging his dad’s golf swing – the cool breeze passin' […]

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