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April Open Mic Recap

April’s open mic was excellent. Good people, good vibes, even a spontaneous cypher…inspiration all around! Here are some of the highlights:

Liz came back from the Word of Mouth days to freeze you outa her head, with her id overriding her rational mind.

Damian gave us his Rorschach test and tried to write the song to make the rest of music stupid.

Bigpoppa Ben said you are art, you are an infinity mirror of possibility. Everything. Will be. Okay.

Ted OPP’d that weapons contracts corrupted American dreams–listen to the survivors.

Radio Rahim ripped a freestyle that existed to resist and spit hot lyrics that left the sun scorched.

Vanessa warned be wary of trying–sucks the impulse for the things she does (she’s dangerous). There’s nothing left to fear.

Laura spoke the new feminism, wearing no underwear in a skirt. Carpe diem.

Monique had a chip on her shoulder–angry as hell and trying to do right.

Jess went deep creek and taunted her perfectionist, all the while trying to be a comedian up there.

Come out next time and hear
What all those creative minds been thinkin’
Throw your words into the atmosphere
Or just relax and do some drinkin’.

See ya next time at Bossa…

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