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April GPI at Bossa

Beautiful words, beautiful people, and deep thoughts abounded at GPI’s open mic at Bossa in April. We were happy to welcome some GPI virgins to the mic (air) upstairs and then shake it afterwards to Akoma Drummers and Cheick Hamala’s band downstairs. Here are some poetical highlights:

Rob recalled what’s on his mind and stepped away from the darkness on a course that will connect you to the source, because this penetrating undulating ocean does exist.

Flavia showed the water and music flowing in her heart, life recreating itself is its essential form of art. We are to swim through tributaries to the ocean, where we are one. And, oh yeah, (my favorite line of the night) fuck love until you’re sore.

Damian won’t stop believing and is too close to stop achieving, so he hustle-and-flowed the most absurd turn of phrase while feeling pleasant, approachable, conversational.

Jess got wrapped up in her own world, with crowd participation. Dinka dinka dink, dink dinka dinka.

John wondered can love even exist, does the reason exist?

Stephanie sees we’re trying to hard to shut out the world around us, handcuffed to consumption while holding the key.

Ray is but a drop in the great wave; he is you and you are him together; all is nothing.

April yearns and longs for the touch of mental stimulation and a return to innocence–smile, laugh, rejoice that you’re alive, relinquish hate in your heart for your enemies.

Shahid sang, what do you work towards in this world, what do you want, what do you want it for, what do you work towards in this world, when we depart how do we leave the score?

Lyndi saluted the American way–we say interrogate, they call it torture. What’s a little shock in the cock in the big picture?

Jonathan sees you when imagining purple nights and dives head first into city blocks.

Raha saw too many shades of yellow in this room; corridors in this strange land are only fissures. You are here because not today and not tomorrow but someday you will find her.

Come share your words or OPP (other people’s poetry) at one of the GPI next open mics!

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