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An old poem of mine

I wrote this for a poetry class, the style is callecd a Tercel and it is really challenging because there is a really certain patern you must follow 

People fucking screaming for NOTHING

I stand there looking at the floor sounds like rock

machine guns were fired off at 2 O’ Clock

Darkness on the edge of your town

Everything dies but some day it comes back

So put on your make up and fix your hair pretty

That looks pretty

But really it was absolutely nothing

So just go back

and throw the lit rock

Right into the center of town

Right near the clock

The clock

blew up pretty

A little bit of light hit the town
Still there was nothing

But a that little rock

that somebody threw back

Go out back

Stare at the shards of clock

and leave the rock

Leave it pretty

A pretty nothing

Darkness on the edge of your town

Blow up the town

and make sure nobody comes back

Make sure there is NOTHING

left. Wind up the clock

Make it look pretty

Then chuck that rock

Get rid of the damn rock

Get rid of the damn town

Make it a pretty 

corpse and blow it back

to the clock

or nothing

It’s a rock town

a clock is nothing here
you have a pretty back

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  1. very cool

    Comment by Laurie Blair — September 24, 2006 @ 10:49 am

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