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A Letter Home

This is a fictional letter from Sgt. John Sawyer, currently serving in Iraq to his loving wife Denise back home

Dear Denise,

Hello my love, this is your husband John.
Sending you all my love and regards from the Middle East.
I'm taking time to write this letter in the middle of this war going on.
Thinking of you helps me at night when I try to sleep
Today we were travelling by convey to this town called Tikrit
To perform a sweep searching for rebel soldiers.
We were caught off-guard. Rebels attacked our convey and bombed it.
A fierce battle ensued that left many dead and wounded on both sides.
I lost a lot of friends today.
Brothers-in-arms, all for who I'd gladly give my life.
I swear I would bring them back if I had my way.
I've seen alot of awful things since being here my sweet.
Carbombings and civilian killings are just about a daily thing.
I'm tired of seeing dead bodies in the street.
I think about how I would lay my head in your lap and listen to you sing.
Serenaded melodies replaced with the erie sounds of mortar rounds.
I just can't help but wonder what it is we're really fighting for.
Is it really to bring democracy to these war-hardened desert grounds?
If they said we could leave today I'd be the first one at the airport.
On the first plane so that I could be in your arms again.
So enough of what's going on over here.
How are you and my baby girl?
Is she getting big? Did she take her first steps?
I don't know if you know but you two are my world.
I think of you two when I need a quick pep.
Hopefully this will be over soon because I'm sooo tired of the sand and heat.
I can't wait to get some real food again.
I'm damn sure tired of these MRE's and this canned meat
And I sure could use my best friend.

With all the love I have,


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  1. thank you for sharing

    Comment by Laurie Blair — November 12, 2007 @ 2:36 pm

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