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GPI Open Mic at Bossa in December

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

We are still recovering from the elections but were out at Bossa to keep the poetry lamp burning in December. Some highlights:

The Poet with No Name is no longer confused by four lines–I move, I move for trapped black queens too tired to know what a nap means.

Zane shared what happens to a dream deferred…maybe it just unloads or maybe it explodes!

Mazha told us life is a game we play: Don’t give up, let’s give it one more shot.

Narayan asks have you see the moon last night? Shining through the barren trees, creates peace and closeness with the darness all around.

Jess poked fun at the web of free and the roam of the brave.

See you all out in 2017!

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, community and resistance.

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