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February Open Mic

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Old friends and new faces popped into Bossa in February to share their poetry. Every second Tuesday of the month there, we get a chance to share our hearts and minds through poetry and even experience a little creative therapy in the process. Here are some highlights from the night:

John only had one thin blanket between him and the moon, and he showed us what’s all mixed up like those stars in a dancing sky.

Jess tore the press a new one hoping their talking heads would pop off from all their hot air, then calmed down with breathing and feeling like we’re going to get it someday.

Paul longs for quiet but holds on to the noise, still taking care of those bibles like passages that aren’t there.

Sam read Che Guevera’s favorite poem The Dark Messenger by C├ęsar Vallejo, and then he declared himself a certified geekologist, exploring his tech-nerd spidey sense vs. comic book side.

John had a piece published recently in Gargoyle Magazine and plugged his friend’s blog The Song Is. Check them out.

See you at Bossa in March!

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