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GPI Open Mic in June

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

We had a another great night at Bossa in June. DC Poetry Project members joined us again and strutted their stuff. We also said bon voyage to one of our founding members, Shahid, who is moving to San Francisco. No doubt he’ll be back in DC for visits, and in the meantime he’ll be rockin’ out with the SF poets. Here are some highlights…

Michael explained the ain’t of what is…it is what it is, isn’t it?

Denise shared some OPP, Soft, by Chrystos: I am a woman turning you in my arms like air; Time fishes for new water.

Shahid told us that from Ferguson to Jerusalem we pay the real criminals in the world with badges and guns.

Jeff thinks everyone must pay the cost of greed over need; colorful rainbows and pretty flowers won’t help you here.

John brought on the McVeggie–the fun begins here–and the Maharaja Mac–whatever it is, you’ll crave one of these.

Gowri said your poem stole her brother’s lunch.

Pete is Peter Piper, the balloon maker, he sells smiles…miles and miles of smiles.

Kate spoke of the joy of freedom: look at him go, round and round; this city, big as a continent; he still lives in innocence.

Suzi’s first response to violence is “why?”. Her first response to anything beyond pleasure is “why?”.

Luis let us come step into his mind and take a tour.

Karima wants your heart to resemble a feather, light and airy; be gentle with you, blue, there’s a whole world waiting on you.

And we’ll be waiting for you at Bossa, next second Tuesday of the month. See you there!

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, community and resistance.

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