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Open mic in September

Monday, September 29th, 2014

We had a beautiful night of poetry and inspiration at Bossa in September. Many of the ol’ GPI crew came out, as well as some newcomers. Some highlights…

Jessica kicked it off by saying Down to Oppression…There are small steps to a height, where our leaders fight, keeping power not peace, waging war in our name. We raise them to their positions, yet we never check their decisions, if we don’t pay attention, things will always be the same. We have come to say down, we have come to say down, we have come to say down, down to oppression…yeah-e-yeah. [Just sing all that.]

Shahid invoked the force: Oh be one; -no- be. We will discover a way again to rise.

Elizabeth brought us back to the year 2000, when the president stole the seat. Everyone shared what was near and dear to their hearts. Peace is not a trivial thing; it makes poetry inside ring.

Lacy showed us we are the edge. By saying that I’ve always loved you, know it to be true. I promise to come to every solstice. If we are not the roots that gently cradle each other, then we will fall into the sea. We want you to shout! We need you to shout.

Jahmel told us to stomp your hands, clap your feet, because you have things backwards, if you think there’s no black history. He calls for a brotherhood amongst all creeds and colors. This is how you show your love for me…a voice box for the voiceless; a multiple choice for the choiceless.

Carla showed that the world sounds muffled from inside, as she tumbles down this jumbled path. Through winding blue fallopians, she has been reborn.

Luis’s many micros make the macro. Come step into his mind, take a tour. Follow him as we navigate this labrynth. He’s prone to tangents, but the point is…integrity is a necessity in this life rife with complexity.

Elizabeth’s ode to Lacy was the birth of the restless spirit. Here’s to the one with the golden hair, who carved her name in the trees. I will give you salmon and salt to drown your tears. That is how the Celtic queen lured a god into her bed.

Lisa read the blocks and patterns of Jessica’s OPP.

Shahid’s cover of Prince’s When Doves Cry was fun to drum with and must be mentioned.

Luis asked, if we don’t recognize problems, then how are we to solve them? He no longer blames the system for the chains he’s twisted in.

Lacy stood in a cloud of lust and red red wine. Are you wild like her? Are you wild and ready?

Come out in October and be wild at the GPI open mic. We’ll have a special feature in October, Pasckie Pascua, an old friend from North Carolina. See you at Bossa! (Oct. 14th, 2463 18th St. NW, DC, 7-9 PM)

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