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September’s Open Mic at Bossa

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Highlights from GPI’s September open mic:

Laurie spoke of the cycle of homelessness, endlessly turning in on itself; the average homeless person is nine years old.

Damian’s Lincoln Perry truth was fuckin’ ugly—don’t want to lie to y’all.

Dane waged words: oh say can you see that the bombs bursting in air are directed at you.

Jess found a pathway of clarity through needle points.

Laura borrowed trouble and saw the silver dollar in the sly challenge the lesser coins to fall and intoxicate your pocket.

Jen said our souls can only stay apart so long before the pull home is too strong; it is never too late to go slow, to step and see what is before our eyes.

Lisa noticed that when you appear, all the rivers appear in her body. She is the tiger.

Whoa. Some good stuff in there, and even more great words hung in the air that night. Hope to see you out at the next one, so you can hear them all with me.

– Jessica

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, community and resistance.

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